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Brought together by the worldwide pandemic of 2020, TAOI Collective is a not for profit artists collective and community. We originally exhibited together at The Art Of Isolation Exhibition which took place in London. TAOI Collective is a diverse community composed of artists from all over the world, of all levels of experience and disciplines. 

Created to assist each other in our daily practice and artistic journeys we endeavour to provide a welcoming and supportive environment in which artists can seek advice and gain feedback. We also encourage and facilitate greater connection and collaboration with other artists and create and nurture conversations around art and artistic practice.

At present no specific services are offered to those who aren't part of the collective. Members gain opportunities to exhibit, highlighted open calls, collaboration and critique.

Want to support what we do? 

As a Not For Profit all monies raised from commission, donations and membership subscription go back into the running of our website, online virtual exhibition spaces and a guaranteed annual physical exhibition. If you want to support us in our mission to create more art then feel free to donate.

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