'The Space In Between' 

12/04 to 02/05

Hybrid Exhibition


The Space In Between is brought to you by TAOI Collective in association with The Artists Pool.


We are always travelling somewhere, doing something, existing in thought, action and space. The Space In Between is an exploration of being, from outer to inner, mental to physical and all the varied combinations in between. TAOI Collective artists present a creative conversation around The Space In Between.

Showing works across many mediums and disciplines. 

  • 12th to 18th April at Gallery 54, Mayfair

  • 16th April to 2nd May Expanded online exhibtiion

'New Beginnings' 

Jan 2021

Virtual Exhibition

'New Beginnings' is brought to you by TAOI Collective.


What's in a beginning? Transformation, renewal or rebirth, a merging of our past and future. From upheaval comes inspiration, the turned earth in which new seeds grow. This exhibition explores the theme of new beginnings and their implications.


Showing works across many mediums and disciplines. 

'The Art Of Isolation' 

October 2020


The year 2020 will forever be synonymous with plague. A year when COVID-19 swept the planet and caused one of the biggest periods of lockdown and worldwide isolation we have ever seen. Whole swaths of the planetary population were instructed to stay at home, banned from meeting friends and family and unable to hug or touch those they love. The Art Of Isolation Exhibition is inspired by the Tales From Isolation Book Project and is a chance to show work created during this unprecedented time, to share artistic thoughts, feelings and inspirations on the period of isolation and around this planetary shared experience. Showing artists of all disciplines and experience.