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Vivid Figurations

A retrospective exhibition by Sonia Ben Achoura

Curated by Sonia Ben Achoura

Hosted by TAOI Collective

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Sonia Ben Achoura presents a carefully curated selection of her most accomplished paintings during her career spanning over two decades.


An artist and psychologist, Ben Achoura generates innovative works of art at the intersection between art and science. Her fascination with human nature at the present stage of evolution manifests in geometric compositions with futuristic overtones: blueprints of the mind, symbols of evolution.


Like intimations of perfection, her paintings are born out of an interplay between light and matter. She creates a world of vivid colour, dynamic forms, and geometric perfection. Her concern for the environment transpires throughout her body of work, as she captures the power of nature onto canvas. She envisions a symbiotic partnership between mankind and nature in her work as she weaves organic forms over the fabric of robotic geometry.


This exhibition looks back at her art trajectory, unveiling her recent series of contemporary landscape created during lockdown, alongside early masterpieces of geometric abstraction. Overall, it is a celebration of artistic creativity over a rich and varied trajectory. The result is an emotional experience of exacting precision.

instagram: @soniabenachoura

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