The Space In Between


18th April 2021 to 2nd May 2021

Here and live for your enjoyment. Take your time to visit and enjoy the expanded range of art on offer across two spacious gallery rooms.

'The Space In Between' is brought to you by  The Artists Pool in association with TAOI Collective.


'We are always somewhere, doing something, existing in thought, action and space. The Space In Between is an exploration of being, from outer to inner, mental to physical and all the varied combinations in between. TAOI Collective artists present a creative conversation around The Space In Between.'

Showing works across many mediums and disciplines.



Adam Lucy, Alex McDonald, Chris Pig, Eddie Saint Jean, Emma Davies, Emma Lilly Thomas, Emma Lloyd, Henrietta Loades Carter, Ione Milne, Jake Lamerton, Jenny Lopez Rateike, Jenny Nash, Kirsty Taylor, Lara Hailey, Laura Obon, Laurence Conton, Nadia Zuberi, RasArt, Samantha English, Silvano Maxia, Sonia Ben Achoura