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New Beginnings



'New Beginnings' was brought to you by TAOI Collective and ran 21st January to 21st February 2021.


What's in a beginning? Transformation, renewal or rebirth, a merging of our past and future. From upheaval comes inspiration, the turned earth in which new seeds grow. This exhibition explored the theme of new beginnings and their implications.


Showing works across many mediums and disciplines.



Adam Lucy, Alex McDonald, Chris Pig, Eddie Saint Jean, Emma Davies, Emma Lilly Thomas, Emma Lloyd, Henrietta Loades Carter, Ione Milne, Jake Lamerton, Jenny Lopez Rateike, Jenny Nash, Jon R Green, Kirsty Taylor, Kyun Ngui, Lara Hailey, Laura Obon, Laurence Conton, Nadia Zuberi, RasArt, Samantha English, Silvano Maxia, Sonia Ben Achoura


Kirsty Taylor and Emma Davies
Emma Lilly Thomas and Adam Lucy
Sonia Ben Achoura and Samantha English
Laura Obon and Henrietta Loades Carter
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